L-39 Pivot Hinge

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The L-39 brass offset pivot hinge is employed when a minimum of visible hardware is desired, or when the door must swing free of its frame. It is mortised into the top and bottom of the door and frame; only the pivot is visible. The leaf measures 44 mm x 10 mm x 3 mm. Offset pivot L-39 has a longer knuckle for wide throw conditions compared to L-37.

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Joseph Schwarte
Worth the money

Buy the best and hope it's good enough is what an old German cabinetmaker told me when I was starting out 35 years ago. Brusso hinges are the best. I think they indicate quality.

Great hinge, but beware the screws.

Beautifully machined hinge and the template work nicely for routing. They are installed on a sideboard where I wanted a clean inset door. I wouldn’t recommend using the brass screws. They are too small for such soft metal and aren’t likely to hold. They can easily break off when installing. For cabinetry doors use steel screws.

Craig London
This was my first instillation of a pivot hinge on a cabinet door. They went in easily and functi...

See above

changing centers on the L39

I have been using the L39 pivot because it is the only one that I can find with the bigger offset, I wish Brusso would offer the pivot with steel centers ( instead of brass on brass) I sent my furnitures all over the world and can risk to have the pivot fusing together.To prevent galling I go the extra mile and silver solder new steel centers .

Jason Schmidt (Waimea, US)
Knife hinges

Precision product. Hopefully the the shipping department will pick up the pace.. paid for expedited shipping and still took a month to receive